About us

APJ certification established in 2013 by a group of QEHS professionals in Singapore. 

Our vision is to be a leader in conducting Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental audits. Our team of professional auditors are always committed in providing valuable auditing services to our clients. 

Our QEHS auditors have more than 15 years of QEHS experience in various industries such as chemicals, shipyards, logistics, facilities, biomedical, tunnelling, info-tech and construction.


APJ CERTIFICATION vision is to be a professional organization in the field of auditing services and creating values for customers. APJ CERTIFICATION cherishes the values of professionalism, teamwork, integrity, fairness and improvement through knowledge with continuous learning.


APJ CERTIFICATION mission is to build and sustain a position of leadership by providing safety and health management system auditing services within to Singapore markets in all Industries.


APJ CERTIFICATION cherishes and upholds the following values:

• Enthusiasm to excel

• Teamwork

• Openness

• Integrity and fairness in all matters

• Social and environmental responsibility

• Improvement through knowledge and continuous learning

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